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Top Three Reasons for Richard DeVos's Influence

Richard Devos was laid to rest on Tuesday Septememer 11th 2018. He was a Godly man who in fact impacted my life by way of his funding my Alma Mater, Christian Leaders College, that action, in turn has taken accessible reputable Bible College to every corner of the Globe. This happened because Rich Devos supported Henry Ryenga, the College founder and President. President Ryenga, himself was inspired by 9/11/2001. (Because he happened to be in New York City on that fateful day). That influence makes it possible for anyone in the world who desires the opportunity to pursue a Christian higher education, the chance to achieve that goal. What is more, Rich Devos was a unifying presence who inspired a generation of young Americans to cherish freedom, to reach for our dreams and more importantly to love God and each other in all of our endeavors. Aside from the obvious gratitude from those of us whove benefited personaly from the generosity of the Devos Family, here are three more reasons Mr. Devos's influence has continued forward.

1. Entrepreneurial Success: Richard DeVos co-founded Amway Corporation, a global direct selling company, and played a pivotal role in its growth and success. Amway became one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States, and DeVos's entrepreneurial journey inspired many to pursue their own business ventures.

2. Philanthropic Contributions: DeVos and his family were generous philanthropists, supporting a wide range of causes. They contributed significant amounts to education, healthcare, and community development initiatives. DeVos's philanthropy included the establishment of the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, which continues to support various charitable endeavors.

3. Mentorship and Personal Growth: DeVos believed in the importance of personal development and actively mentored individuals, guiding them towards success. He emphasized the value of self-improvement, leadership, and perseverance, leaving a lasting impact on those he mentored.

Interesting Facts about Richard DeVos:

1. Sports Ownership: Richard DeVos was the owner of the Orlando Magic, a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association (NBA). His ownership of the team showcased his passion for sports and his commitment to promoting sports entertainment.

2. Political Engagement: DeVos was involved in politics and was a prominent supporter of conservative causes and candidates. He served as a major contributor to various political campaigns and organizations, advocating for free-market principles and limited government intervention.

3. New York Times Bestselling Author: DeVos co-authored the book "Believe!" with his wife, Helen DeVos. The book, published in 2009, became a New York Times bestseller. It explored their personal and professional journey, sharing insights and principles for achieving success in business and life.

These reasons and facts highlight Richard DeVos's impact as a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, and sports owner. His contributions and influence continue to resonate in various fields, inspiring others to pursue their dreams, give back to their communities, and embrace personal growth. 

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