The Benefits of Franchising with Happy Window Cleaning:


The power of the existing brand – This is the most important advantage of franchising with Happy Window Cleaning. The window cleaning industry has been around since the industrial revolution and the mass manufacturing of glass. Today, homes are built larger than ever and the people born between 1946 and 1964 (baby boomers) are entering retirement in droves. At their ages, they no longer feel safe climbing ladders and would rather spend their free time doing other things. In 2010 and in Las Vegas, at a time when unemployment in that city was 16%,  Scott Britton proved for the first time that the window cleaning industry can survive even at a time of a financial crunch. We have been through the housing crisis of the Great Recession and now a pandemic and we're still going strong! Happy Window Cleaning has been tried and tested and currently enjoys immense popularity wherever we go. People respond to our registered trademark on top of the positive vibe that our company name exudes. Happy Window Cleaning is a household name in the Grand Rapids Metropolitan area and we have the right stuff to make Happy Window Cleaning a household name in the territory you choose as well.  Familiarity can help you develop a customer base because potential patrons have a pre-existing knowledge of what to expect from that brand. As a franchisee, you will use the logo, brand name,  van graphics, brochures, flyers, and trademark of Happy Window Cleaning. 



Advertising programs - We perform marketing research which leads to better targeting and more effective ads. Happy Window Cleaning has a slew of advertising programs that are proven to be effective in lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing the lifetime value of your customers.  We have measured every step and know exactly what it takes to draw prospective customers and convert them into loyal ones! Happy Window Cleaning has highly effective social media ads, road signs, posters, postcards, and a jingle, among others, to market the service to prospective customers from day one.  What is more, we help you to make the phone ring and get your business up and running. Although you own your own business you aren't in it all alone. 



Capital - The franchise model of Happy Window Cleaning is like no other. Given that many are losing their jobs and source of income, we want to give more than just a ray of hope to those looking for a stable and livable income. Our franchise fees are very reasonable, more flexible, and like no other company offering a franchise. Together we are able to reach more people far and wide, and in the same breath, we provide you with an opportunity to sustain your needs and possibly earn more. It is because this model allows you the option of expansion plans without equity cost or excessive debt risk. That is because we guide you to achieve sustainable growth from the revenues you make at operating your business. In other words, we teach you to live within your means and make prudent financial decisions.  When your debt to income ratio is good, when you achieve financial sufficiency and profitability, the obstacles to getting financing for greater growth are lessened. 

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Experience - Compared to an individual who starts his business from the ground and is new in his field with no actual experience, a franchisee benefits from decades of collective experience. We have already done the work of developing and establishing a viable business system. We have made many mistakes along the way and learned a great deal from them so that you have the benefit of wisdom from the start.  Rookie mistakes will likely have already been ironed out. Over the years, we have developed marketing strategies, documented procedures, and advanced training options. When you are not distracted having to work on your business you can get right to work at your business! 



Support - As a franchisee, you will have unrestricted access to technical support and qualified staff who can give solid advice. Your success is our success! 


Training - Our franchise model offers the most advanced and the best training in the industry to the new owner and staff members so that you can handle all the operations efficiently even before you open your business. Every business goes through stages, and the practices need to change as you grow. This where having people who have already done it really helps you to lessen the stress and allows you to be most proficient in your work. The key to success is working to live and not living to work! The Happy Window Cleaning training is simple and easy to learn. It includes management skill-building, systems training, key performance indicators, and marketing secrets along with help in the effective use of technology; customer relations software, training in accounting procedures, cash handling, time management, and even instructions in transaction managing. We also offer ongoing training opportunities so franchisees can benefit from new developments in the franchise industry.

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Motivated Management - You are more than just a hired manager. You are a leader who provides jobs which when coupled with the right training and tools are actually very enjoyable. The settings that our window cleaners work at are unique from day-to-day and the labor is not back-breaking like many service jobs. With Happy Window Cleaning, you will become a leader, managing your own business, and paving your own future!



Reputation - When you open a Happy Window Cleaning franchise you already have a protected layer in place just like a pea in its pod. A franchisee has an existing system and dedicated people ready to assist you to maintain the reputation of its brand value. You are undertaking to manage an already established business whose credibility is not in question. The success of the parent company uplifts all the franchise equally and gives them the necessary boost to move forward. 


Buying Power - The franchise model benefits by conducting business under a single banner. Its buying power is awesome compared to other business entities. Franchise systems can offer purchasing efficiencies through economies of scale. Some or all of the needed products will be offered by either the franchisor or trusted suppliers. Franchisees can often take advantage of bulk discounts as well.


Guaranteed Territory - Happy Window Cleaning understands where a window cleaning business can be after your first, second, and perhaps even more, after a number of years in the business! We help you set concrete goals and provide guidelines to achieve the growth you desire. We give you the targets for you to hit. It is very difficult to find a destination without inputting one into the GPS. Happy Window Cleaning has the people and experience to, in a sense, be your GPS. Our team and franchise system are already in place to expand into new areas first in Michigan and later on, nationally. 

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