Please think about where you might have special circumstances and inform us ahead of time if possible. 


Our standard cleaning is to use a soft cotton scrubber and squeegee.  In Scott's experience including over ten thousand hours of cleaning windows (and according to manufacture cleaning specifications), our equipment and process do not scratch properly manufactured glass.


Be advised that some items such as paint will remain on the glass if the razor is not used. We're okay with this so long as you are okay with it. 


The truth is that the more stuff that is on the glass the more aggressive treatment is required. For instance. blue painter's tape has a mild adhesive, it is designed to be used on windows. Duct tape, by contrast, has a much stronger adhesive and is not suppose to be used on windows.


Happy Window Cleaning LLC is not responsible for any damage or scratches on windows that are defective from failures in the manufacturing process. Architectural glass is 5.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. So that is what we are expecting to encounter upon arrival. It is the homeowner's responsibility to inform us if aftermarket tinting has been applied to the glass. Such aftermarket films are much softer than glass and if applied well can be impossible to see. Ordinarily, UV coatings, i.e., tints, from manufacturing are between the panes, rather than on the surface of the glass. That said we use razors and steel wool on the glass when there is implied or express expectation to remove adhesives or paint. It is Happy Window Cleaning's policy to do so with proper lubrication and technique., and to limit the use of razors to the areas where the sticker or paint is.


If there is a large quantity of overspray of paint or other anthropogenic materials that are insoluble, since they are not naturally occurring in nature, extra fees may apply. Naturally occurring "soils" (materials) that are removed by standard cleaning include, sand. clay silt, particulate organic matter, tree sap, insect excrement and the like. Since synthetics are not naturally occurring and may require significant additional time and labor to properly address. Therefore these are not included in standard cleaning proposals. In case of mineral deposits from malfunctioning sprinkler heads or power washing, often require chemical treatments. We cannot warranty such items since a given mineral may very well be harder than the glass on which it adheres. Also "pitting" may occur over time, marring the glass. If a mineral is very acid or caustic it may etch the glass, or chemically change the glass, over time. Free Estimates do not include inspection of mineral composition and the same cannot be reasonably assayed, as such is not economical in most cases for the general purposes of cleaning, However, when we are asked to address the problem and the customer considers and agrees to the required additional fees to cover our time and remain financially sufficient, Happy Window Cleaning can use a general mineral deposit removal paste and proper procedure to treat minerals on glass.


All of those situations are extraneous to what can be reasonably expected of a standard routine cleaning task. However, very often we can offer treatments that will improve the appearance of the glass by removing much, if not all, of the mineral accumulation. The Risk/Reward of such undertaking properly belongs to the property owner since this type of work is restorative and quite often much more expensive than a routine "standard cleaning". 


Further, it is the property owner's responsibility to inform us if a single panel or more has been replaced with plexiglass instead of glass. Plexiglass is softer than regular glass. Our technicians are fully trained however we can not always detect such "booby traps". We are at your home to help you with your windows/problem. We ask you to own the situation If there are special circumstances that we cannot reasonably control.


If we are asked to clean a window that has duct tape on it, we will assume that you want the tape removed unless told otherwise. Removing duct tape does involve the risk of scratching your window, simply because the mechanical action required is more aggressive than usual. If that happens you must hold us blameless since we are responding to your problem the best we or anyone else can, and there are risks involved that we as the practitioner ought not to be asked to accept responsibility for, since they are beyond our control. This is what can happen when one seeks to remove items from glass that should not be present, to begin with.  The same can be said for paint, etc. 


We have included a link to an article that does not represent the opinion of Happy Window Cleaning nor of Scott Britton. However, the article raises questions about replacement windows. We feel that our best client is a well-informed client. 

Ultimately, it is your view that matters most. Pun intended. We're Happy but human, so there might come a time where a drip from the frame above, lands on one of our freshly cleaned windows. This could happen after we made the last "quality assurance" go around. Many things can happen in the field. Some of the things we've come across in the past are broken window seals, gaps in the trim that need paint or caulk. Our process is effective 99.9% of the time, however, you aren't a statistic, you're depending on us to see your viewpoint! But how will we ever know if there is a problem if you don't give us feedback? Lots of mediocre companies have minimally satisfied customers, that doesn't cut it with us. We crave for you to be Happy Customers. Things occasionally get missed even by the best of us.  That said, please let us know about any problem just as soon as it is discovered. No worries, no hassles, we will come back and make it right as long as you notify us within a reasonable period of time from service!