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A Case Study of Happy Window Cleaning

Updated: Mar 9

In today's business landscape, there is often a tendency to overvalue the tools and equipment used by companies that deliver services. This article aims to challenge this prevailing notion by highlighting the significance of skilled professionals in service-based industries. Using the example of Happy Window Cleaning, we will explore how their focus on training and expertise has proven to be more valuable than relying solely on advanced tools and equipment.

Years ago, the cleaning industry underwent a shift in response to the demand for larger and more powerful truck-mounted equipment. But key to carpet and fabric cleaning like all applied science is based on skilled professionals over the reliance on excessive machinery. Scott Britton, the former operator of Scott's Building Solutions Inc, made the strategic decision to prioritize efficiencies without sacrifices to effectiveness. It is essential to debunk the myth that bigger and more powerful equipment always equates to better results. The truth is that a small portable machine, in the hands of a well-trained professional, can clean as effectively as the largest truck-mounted machine in many applications. In fact, a twenty-foot vacuum tube requires significantly less horsepower than a three-hundred-foot tube, thereby reducing friction loss and the cubic feet of air required to achieve comparable recovery and dry times when recovering dirty water. A one inch in circumference vacuum line has plenty of room to recover the few gallons used in a residential carpet cleaning.

Additionally, dragging large hoses around corners and through challenging environments, such as snow, presents significant risks to surfaces and property.

Of course, when Scott’s Building Solutions did disaster restoration (Our Old Company of 13 years) we sometimes had need for the bigger machines, since they can recover greater volumes faster in the case of recovery with large volumes like responding to flooding etc. But often a portable machine was all that was necessary and that is exactly what we used in such cases even if wasn't fashionable as the "muscle machines" were at the time.

The cleaning industry has a low barrier to entry, and some of our industry equipment’s have been marketed to cleaners by distributors in a way that suggests that the cleaning company will better position themselves in the market place if they own certain equipment. Unfortunately, oftentimes there is limited corresponding training being offered to go along with the new equipment and inexperienced cleaning people starting out are left to depend on peers in what passes for trade groups these days on social media. If you are someone starting out as carpet or upholstery cleaner there are great training facilities all over the USA that you can attend and become certified. Contact me for more information on this topic. I’m not being paid for referrals to those organizations. this is a much better investment starting out than a big impressive truck mounted machine.

From those early days Happy Window Cleaning focuses on prevention rather than responding to disaster. We still hold to the principle that the most valuable asset in our cleaning van is our team of professionals. We use water fed poles. They are one tool in our toolbox. Some companies are religious about using water fed poles, but the fact is the equipment has both advantages and disadvantages. Using these tools correctly requires someone who is knowledgeable about his trade and able to discern when, that is in what situation and surface to use which tool.

Happy Window Cleaning Technicians are taught to understand that the best equipment in the wrong hands can be an instrument of destruction. Skilled professionals have the knowledge and expertise to work wonders, ensuring high-quality service delivery and customer satisfaction. By prioritizing training and education, Happy Window Cleaning has consistently demonstrated that their people are the true driving force behind their success.

Happy Window Cleaning Franchise has strived to raise the bar in the service-based industry, challenging the prevailing notion that tools and equipment are the primary drivers of success. Having the right tools is of course a key factor for success. However by prioritizing skill over excessive machinery, we have demonstrated the true value of expertise and training.

As we evaluate the worth of service-based companies, it is crucial to recognize the significance (and cost) of investing in people and their development. Since it is hard work, skilled people often move on after a spell and we start al over with new people so that we can continue to serve. Ultimately, it is the skilled professionals who can work wonders and deliver exceptional service, while the best equipment in inexperienced, unsupervised hands can lead to subpar results or even damage.

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