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Happy Window Cleaning Franchise Opportunity in the 734 Area Code

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

734 is a telephone area code designated by the North American Numbering Plan (NPA). They do it by differentiating regions in the States according to similar economic, geographic, and cultural characteristics of the communities. At Happy Window Cleaning, we use area codes to define the borders of our franchise territories.

Astute Michiganders recognize 734 as the area code for the University Of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. “Tailgating” at U of M football games, especially when facing the Ohio Buckeyes is a rite of passage, for Michiganders. Ann Arbor is a vibrant melting pot of progressive ideas and activities. U of M shapes the Ann Arbor economy employing more than 30,000 people, in high-paying jobs, a third of those, in the medical center. Wealth is measured by the ability to buy goods and services.

Ever since the mass manufacture of glass windows, window cleaning has been a thing people do since professional window cleaners have the experience and the right tools to be proficient at the craft. It’s a dynamic task because the angle of sunlight is constantly changing throughout the day. Ann Arbor is just one of several cities in the 734 territory where there is ample space to build both residential and commercial window cleaning services for the scores of technology firms and manufacturers who work in conjunction with the University’s research and development infrastructure, Overall, it is a good area to establish any business, so good that I speculate that not every parent is pleased about students getting door hangers on their rented apartments soliciting the legal sale of cannabis delivered to them between their exams but that shouldn’t stop anyone from wanting to establish a Happy Window Cleaning business.

In that area. situated 40 miles west of Detroit on the Huron River Ann Arbor would make a good launching pad for service routes to the three hundred thousand prospects in Western Wayne County (Canton, Livonia, Westland) and another 500,000 or so potential customers between Washtenaw and Monroe Counties. It is possible to base operations in the charming City of Monroe, Monroe Charter Township, South Monroe, West Monroe, or Frenchtown Charter Township, and have a solid base without ever developing Detroit and parts in between. This is why Happy Window Cleaning allows our franchisees to develop a Master Franchise whereby they can groom the future leaders (for example their employees who wish to grow with your company) to have their own franchise and branch out within the area yet without encroaching on the Master Franchisee’s territory.

One of the distinguishing qualities of the Happy Window Cleaning franchise system is its flexibility and adaptability. For most of us. window cleaning meets our purpose of a lifestyle with an emphasis on working to live, rather than living to work. Happy Window Cleaning simultaneously fosters the unlimited potential as “the crown jewels of God’s creation”. Some more than others need to embark on a more rigorous journey with the challenge of meeting milestones, continuous growth. and so we have paved a road, set appropriate targets, and foster the tried and true strategies that have proven to win greater market share.

Nonetheless, at the heart of Happy Window Cleaning our mission to live a simple life, work with our hands, and mind our business so that we might never become dependent on more corrupting forces in this world. I stopped along my journey of the 734 to make a somber visit to Veterans Park where I was quietly reminded of the more recent sacrifices made after 9/11 but also of the bloodiest battle waged right there upon the Raisin River banks where 392 American Soldiers under the command of General James Winchester lost their lives in the Battle of Frenchtown during the War of 1812. Just ten miles southwest from where I stood once roamed a boy named George Armstrong Custer who grew into the man that would die with great honor after fighting many battlers Custer and his regiment made the last stand against the waring Lakota Indians in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. So much history, so much sacrifice to give us the freedom to prosper in Michigan.

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