Quotes/estimates are based on the following factors:

  • The architectural structure of your home

  • The type of windows that you have

  • The number of windows that you have

  • The location of your home/business

What We Do

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Windows In & Out

Our process is gentle, quiet, and efficient. We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Cleaning involves both the interior and exterior windows, yet we are being careful to protect every surface, including the walls, gardens, and flooring of your home. Screen cleaning and track cleaning are available.


We clean out gutters that are reachable with our ladders, up to about thirty feet high.  When we do so we make sure that the drainage is working and we clean out the bottom as well as the top of the conduit. Click here.

Washing Machine Repair

The clogged vent of your dryer can be a fire hazard if not monitored and cleaned on a regular basis. Keep your family and home safe. We have the right tools for the job. Schedule a dryer vent cleaning today. Click here.

Happy Window Cleaning offers Pressure Washing. Our Certified Technicians are prepared to clean exterior surfaces using established Pressure and Soft Washing as the surface requires. We can clean Buildings, Homes, Asphalt Roofs, Metal Roofs, Tile roofs, Wood Decks, Hardiplank Siding, EFIS, Vinyl Siding. Aluminum Siding, Driveways, Sidewalks, Decks, Bricks, Stonework,Concrete,Fencing, Retaining walls and the like. To learn more, click here.

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