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When you think of vacationing on the Michigan Rivera two places immediately should come to mind. Traverse City and Saugatuck. Both are world-renowned spots that have gotten international attention over the years. But only one of those places is just 40 minutes from the Grand Rapids scene. According to The National Association of Realtors, a top five destination for Millennials. The average household income in Saugatuck is $95,887, one of the highest in the State. Beach town residents have plenty of disposable income available to support a Happy Window Cleaning franchisee. Plus, if you happen to be the chosen applicant to be awarded this exclusive location, headquarters for Happy Window Cleaning has a few regular customers there in Saugatuck to hand over and sweeten the deal! Apart from providing home services, there are tons of commercial opportunities in the area as well. There are numerous hotels and vacation rentals which all literally depend on their spectacular views! One constant is that windows and siding, roofs, driveways, and patios all continue to get dirty over time, guaranteeing repeat business.

I recently visited Portage to the east of the lakeshore, also part of the 269-area code, and thought that town is a great place to run the franchise territory. Area codes are how Happy Window Cleaning defines the border and determines the expansive areas for the exclusive franchise territories This really helps to avoid other franchisees from impinging on your area. At the time of visiting Portage, it seemed like the perfect place to launch with sprawling shopping districts, all of the other franchise brands flourishing and so much growth not to mention literally hundreds of new luxury housing builds and renovations in the past decade. That is what is great about a mobile service business, there is plenty of room to move from place to place and collect a large book of clients that will support a very good living!

Voted one of the 25 best places to live in the US by U.S. News & World Report, in 2019, this area really does have a lot to offer like for instance getting to spend your day at a beach house even if you were invited there to clean, you still enjoy the breeze coming off the Lake. This sure beat sitting in a cramped cubicle.

It normally takes about 60 days to get up and running in new territory from start to servicing one's first client. Once awarded the franchise license, simply following the self-styled learning program, lesson plans, and one on one consultations, someone with at least an eighth-grade education should become proficient and have a profitable operation within that first season. It is a lot of work to start a business. This way at least you have a map and someone to walk beside you as you take on the market! After that, the only limits in life really are those you put upon yourself.

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