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Here are 7 interesting facts about window cleaners:

1. Window cleaning is one of the oldest professions in the world, dating back to ancient times. The ancient Romans and Egyptians used a mixture of vinegar and animal fat to clean their windows.

2. The tallest window project in the world was completed by Kevin "The Squeegee" Carroll, who holds the Guinness World Record for cleaning windows at a height of 1,100 feet on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

3. Window cleaning can be a dangerous job. Ladder injuries are very common. Window cleaners often work at great heights, using specialized equipment such as harnesses and scaffolding to ensure their safety.

4. The first automated window cleaning machine was invented in 1932 by Alfred Ching and was called the "Windowlicker." It was designed to clean windows in high-rise buildings without the need for human labor.

5. Window cleaners have more than just a squeegee in their toolbox. In some circumstances they use a technique called "water-fed pole cleaning," which involves using extendable poles with brushes and purified water to clean windows from the ground. This method is often used for cleaning windows in hard-to-reach places and for solar panels.

6. Window cleaners often encounter unusual objects while on the job. They have reported finding everything from lost jewelry and money to bird nests and even dead animals behind window frames.

7. In some cities, window cleaning is considered an art form. The International Window Cleaning Association holds an annual competition called the "Window Cleaning World Cup," where window cleaners from around the world showcase their skills and compete for the title of the best window cleaner.

I hope you find these facts interesting!

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