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Delicate Plants of West Michigan: How to Prevent Damage When Pressure Washing Your Home

As the Happy Window Cleaning franchise system expands its services to West Michigan, it is crucial to understand and acknowledge the delicate plant life in the region. While pressure washing is an effective method for keeping homes clean, it can inadvertently cause harm to the surrounding plants if not done with caution. So we will explore some of the delicate plants found in West Michigan and provide essential tips on how to prevent damage while pressure washing. Please note that the information provided is sourced from reputable gardening and landscaping experts in the region.

1. Hostas:

Hostas are popular shade-loving perennial plants known for their vibrant foliage. They can be easily damaged by high-pressure water, which can strip away their protective waxy coating. As a result, the leaves may become discolored or wilted. To safeguard hostas, cover them with plastic sheeting or gently tie the leaves together before pressure washing.

2. Hydrangeas:

Hydrangeas are beloved for their stunning blooms, but they are sensitive to excessive water pressure. The forceful spray from a pressure washer can damage their delicate flowers and foliage. If you have hydrangeas near your home, it's best to hand-water them or use a gentle spray nozzle instead of pressure washing.

3. Ferns:

Ferns are graceful plants that thrive in moist and shady areas. However, their delicate fronds can be easily damaged by the high-pressure water stream. To protect ferns, create a barrier using plastic or cloth before pressure washing. Alternatively, you can relocate potted ferns indoors temporarily.

Preventing Damage to Delicate Plants When Pressure Washing:

1. Prepare and plan: Before starting the pressure washing process, take the time to identify and mark delicate plants around your home. This will help you avoid accidentally damaging them.

2. Create a protective barrier: Cover delicate plants with plastic sheeting, cloth, or burlap to shield them from the high-pressure water. Secure the covering gently to prevent any damage.

3. Adjust the pressure: use a wider fan nozzle to the widest possible spray that still effectively cleans your home's exterior. Avoid using high-pressure tips near delicate plants.

4. Increase the distance: Maintain a safe distance between the pressure washer nozzle and the plants. This will help minimize the force of the water on the foliage.

5. Soft wash if needed: In areas where delicate plants are particularly vulnerable, consider hand washing instead of pressure washing. This will allow you to clean without risking damage to the plants.


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