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Business Coaching

This is a good time to be here in West Michigan. The Midwest overall has become known as the “rust belt” but here in Grand Rapids Michigan, we’re flourishing. This can only happen when communities of families, and people in general, are taking responsibility for their lives. Leaders here are known to set big goals and “seize the day”. The business coach is on the sidelines focusing on his client's win. Happy Window Cleaning Franchise is dedicated to helping our people do what they already want and intend to do. So as the owner of the franchise, that properly makes me a Franchisor. That sounds cool, but really what I actually do here is coach.

A coach must know the rules of the game (the line of work) inside out. To mentor, a franchisee is to come from a place of experience, and yes, this requires a written playbook. Developing ownership directives and habits reflect wisdom, timing, and the ability to execute high percentage moves. But unlike mentoring and teaching, coaching is not just about imparting knowledge. Coaching is really about understanding the human condition, and mirroring, or being a sounding board to the player. That way, the client (also known as the Franchisee) can see mistakes in a timely manner and clarify a way forward. Hindsight learning is too little too late when you’ve gotten through the gatekeepers and there is just one chance at a productive meeting!

The coach basically shows the client, the correct pieces of the puzzle, and the client himself strings the variables together and makes things happen. Business owners have blind spots where for one reason or another, they just don’t want to face the truth about their business performance. Sometimes it is a numbers issue like “finding the margin”. One common problem with small companies is high sales, but not enough profitability. Other times it is a human problem, someone on the team that is effective in some aspects of their work yet also has a toxic attitude. Or else, someone on the team might lack the proper motivation to deliver workmanship that is up to acceptable standards. The good news is that all of these things can be fixed. A business coach is looking at the problem at 10,000 feet, so it is easier to see, and he or she then must be blunt and crystal clear in communicating the problem. This way his client is influenced to make the necessary course corrections.

Most people know who Steve Jobs of Apple was, but many, I would guess, are unaware that Jack Canfield coached Steve, Larry Paige, and Eric Schmidt for success. That is one of the best advantages of having a coach, as opposed to gleaning your only inspiration from introspection, teammates, networking, and such, because it’s the specific role of the coach to support your cause. Unlike those in your circle who suck the air out of the room and drain you of energy, your coach is a motivational figure, there to help you to cross the finish line.

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