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517 Portland Michigan

This community is one of the smaller towns within the 517 area code territory boundaries, but it could be the perfect launching site for a Happy Window Cleaning business. Portland is where the mouth of the Looking Glass River ends its 71-mile Journey to join the Grand River. The small community is nestled around the two-river junction with rolling hills, beautiful parks, and hiking trails.

The historic downtown offers wine tasting and ice cream and yogurt and many other quaint shops, while the other side of town has the fast food and other large chains found in most places these days. Both the west and east side buildings are full of glass windows that need repeat cleanings to continue to enjoy the exceptional views this town offers its close-knit residents and tourists. It is possible to run this franchise from a place that fosters family values while concurrently managing fleet logistics (GPS tracking monitors where your vans travel) for the thirteen other notable cities in the 517 exclusive franchise territory. There is even a reputable Christian childcare center right smack in the middle of everything.

From Portland, it’s just a 25-minute ride give or take to the Lansing State Capital. It is a good-sized affluent town hosting Western Michigan Law school, Michigan State University, and the headquarters of many major national companies and institutions. Here is a news flash for those who may not be acquainted with the upper class of muckety mucks. The professors, medical students, and administrators are not spending their weekends cleaning their own windows! However, they do like to enjoy their views. The metropolitan statistical area (MSA) was over 540,000 at the 2020 census. A Happy Window Cleaning owner could build a million-plus dollar service business over the course of his career, all the while living a lifestyle that honors God and his or her neighbors.

The fact that people pay to have these sorts of things done for them may come as a surprise to some folks, but when you consider the size of the homes built nowadays and that wall of windows on the backside it is easy to understand how more and more people are calling professionals to climb the ladders and clean the windows, gutters, and roofs on a regular maintenance schedule.

Other franchise brands are charging 20 to 30 thousand dollars for their initial fee. (The ones who can show evidence of the founder when he was young working at the business and still at it decades later). Happy Window Cleaning is offering the same value for just a $500 initial fee. This lowers the barrier to entry, however, the franchises are still awarded to those who can provide written character references that are rigorously checked. Find out more at

If you have little ones, you'll be happy to learn that Santa keeps a place in Portland complete with a reindeer landing strip.

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