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Scott Britton

  • Scott enjoys church activities and mentors Bible Studies for Crossroads Prison Ministry.  Scott is a believer in transparency and has adopted Open Book Management and is "Paying it Forward" through the stewardship of God's resources. Employees who work more than 1,000 hrs in a season have a stake in the outcome, (harvest sharing) at our unique company. 

  • Full disclosure, Scott is no longer the spring chicken that he used to be and while he is retired from doing the job physically, he trains, guides, and supports his people, who in turn deliver value and serve our customers. Scott is primarily focused on the Franchise side of the company. 

  • Cherie Britton JD, Scott's wife, is the Company Administrator handling the day-to-day operational stuff in Grand Rapids.

  • Employees of Happy Window Cleaning are paid individually $20hr. With contributing employment taxes and benefits, employees cost the company $25 dollars per man-hour. (We use two-person crews generally)  Employees share in our harvest (profit 401K) and are taught to take ownership of their jobs as they themselves are "able-bodied people", and the responsibility for our day-to-day cleaning now rests on their shoulders. 

  • Employees are given the chance to complete their apprenticeship and secure their own territory with the franchise, or else can advance themselves into new roles within the corporate structure with higher education having been built into the Happy Window Cleaning Franchise Model.  Employees are paid for their training/certifications and have the chance to attend Christian Leaders College while they are with Happy Window Cleaning.

Open bible  and wood holy cross with  blue sea as background. Love study bible , holy book
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