Window Maintenance and Replacements

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

I was in the middle of writing this blog when I looked at the window to gather my thoughts… then I realized that it has been my habit to look out the window when I think, as if there’s something out of the window that will inspire me to do a better job. You have this habit too? I wonder how many of us do this – looking out the window to gather our thoughts. The thing is I get distracted when something catches my eye – a squirrel on a tree, the rustling of the leaves on a windy day, and sometimes even fingerprints on the glass. I end up enjoying the scenery or else getting up to wipe off the dirt.

Dirty windows
Funny how the cloudy film on the window cloud my thoughts as well

Some people think that if a window is holding up, it’s fine. As long as there are no cracks, it’s fine. If it’s not leaking… as long as it’s just a little dirt… The truth is, the longer we wait, the more it is difficult for us to maintain the window in the long run. The kind of care we give it shows how much we care for it. Maintenance, years of exposure to the elements, and the kind of window that you have (brand and materials) - all these have an impact on the life of your window. Cleaning it is just one component of window care.


The effects of improper maintenance are not a problem when something is brand new, be it windows, furniture, a dress, or some gadget. As the new thing ages, it sometimes becomes a fixture. It is human nature to lose interest and what was once regularly maintained becomes less and less cared for over time. It really is a discipline and a sign of our good stewardship when we take care of that with which we have been blessed. Inevitably the day will come perhaps before we hold an event where loved ones or others will be gathering, or when we decide that we must move onto another space and have need to sell the home that we suddenly take notice and realize that our windows are not like what they used to be.

Windows are best maintained when cleaned annually or semi-annually. This prevents build-up of layers upon layers of dirt and grime from building. When there are years of buildup it will take hours upon hours for your window cleaner to remove what’s been sitting there for ages. Worst case scenario, you will have to replace your windows if the buildup cannot be removed and you want a better view, because the reality is that there’s only so much pressure/agitation a window cleaner can apply. The topic on buildup will discussed in a separate blog.

In the process of cleaning your windows, your cleaner is likely to notice damage to the window and/or the screen, so in this case ask your window cleaner to take note and report back to you on those items. He should be Happy to set aside a damaged or screen, for example. so, you can have it replaced.

Maintaining checklist helps you cover all bases

New Windows, Please!

The last thing we wanted to accomplish with this research is encourage you to purchase new windows. The reality is that replacement windows are extremely expensive and can be pretty inconvenient. It is not uncommon that a family can spend forty thousand dollars or more on replacement windows. Such a purchase ought to be thought of as an investment. As such, one should consider the future value and return on the asset from a financial perspective. Obviously, if your window is cracked, chipped, broken, warped or damaged, you might want to replace it with a new one. If the window is one that you often peer through the desire to replace your view will be amplified. In some cases where there’s no damage to the glass, perhaps you just need the trim replaced instead of changing the entire unit of the window, especially when they show wear and tear. You see, over time even with the best of care, windows will slowly show wear. For example, wood windows can become warped from exposure to moisture (also high relative humidity) or excessive light. This may make the window too tight to operate correctly in some places while creating gaps in other areas.

What are the other instances where you might consider replacing your window?

1. If you are having difficulty opening and closing your windows, likely you are dealing with drafts, exposure to the elements, security issues, not to mention intrusion of unwanted insects as well.

2. You are craving for some change so you want to update your window by replacing your old-style windows like storms or single pane glass to the more modern and efficient double or triple pane glass. You are also tired of dealing with hard-to-find or discontinued replacement parts.