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Small Towns Can Be Lucrative for Professional Window Cleaning

It only takes a few minutes of research to learn that Happy Window Cleaning is a truly unique company. The same can be said of Marshall, Michigan, the seat of Calhoun County. I think in the mid-west we have grown accustomed to our great architecture, maybe we even take it for granted most of the time.

Many people know and have read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, the movie recently brought the book to a wider audience. But Rand’s other interesting almost cultish piece of American literature, The Fountainhead, exemplifies the audacity, gumption, and artful pride of one particular entrepreneur, the American architect, who defies other firms and tradition by building unusual structures that stretch into the skies, overshadowing everything around them. Well, Marshal’s architecture is everything good about such endeavor minus the haughtiness. Marshal is a cornucopia of various architectural designs, many of them private residences, 850 unique structures in all, including the world-famous Honolulu House that might fill several volumes of the magazine Architectural Digest - all of this in the atmosphere of a small town under ten thousand. Tack on the four adjoining townships and we have a vibrant prospect pool of well over twenty thousand, making this very special section of the 269 territory, potentially financially sufficient for a Happy Window Cleaning franchise on its own merits.

What goes on in the small conservative town of Marshal ripples across America. At least that was the case when Adam Crosswhite, his wife Sarah, and their four children took refuge in the town in 1843 after learning that one of their children was going to be put up on the auction block and sold. The family made the dangerous journey north from Kentucky with help from the underground railroad. Finding acceptance and work in Marshall, the family settled into the Christian community and made many close friends. Adam was able to find employment, start a homestead and build a cabin for his family. But on January 26, 1847, the slave catchers showed up on Adam’s door. Fortunately, the conservative community was paying attention to their neighbors and soon surrounded the Crosswhite home. The mob decided to throw the slave catchers in the local jail instead of the family to give Adam time to get away into Canada. The incident became national news and precipitated a dark time when Kentucky successfully lobbied Congress and got the Fugitive Slave Law pushed through making it very risky for anyone to help an escaped slave. But for Adam and his family, the story had a happy ending because they never forgot their friends in Marshal and when the civil war ended the family returned to Marshal and lived out their lives in peace. Adam Crosswhite’s grave is now a national landmark there in Oakridge Cemetery.

The Happy Window Cleaning franchise system is a proven model of setting targets and measuring performance. Scott Britton, its founder, has the relevant experience of growing a profitable window cleaning business in Ludington and other small towns where frankly others did not recognize that opportunity. Here is a chance to be in business for yourself without having to do it all on your own. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to operate your own Happy Window Cleaning business in this historic location. Take courage from the examples of preceding Michiganders and follow the path that we have paved for you directly to the American dream. Call me at 616.913.8082 so we can discuss this opportunity.

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