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Pursuant to our revised Pandemic Operating Plan published in early March of 2020, all surface cleaning in commercial and residential spaces includes a two-step process as recommended by the NIH, WHO, and CDC. The first step is cleaning with the proper agitation, often a microfiber towel, saturated with a surface-specific cleaning agent to remove organic soils. The second and final step involves the application of an approved EPA registered disinfectant or in the case of food service, an FDA approved sanitizer formulated for the restaurant industry. Labels are followed to achieve the correct dwell time to destroy the SARS-COVID-19 enveloped virus and other common pathogens. Scott Britton is a Certified Microbial Remediation Technician since 2005 and the Founder and Instructor at Antimicrobial Cleaning and infectious Disease Training Academy. 

Our janitorial cleaning program is called Happy, Healthy, and Non-Toxic House Cleaning. Our men and women are trained and certified as Professional Cleaners after passing two written exams from the Maid Training Academy.  Furthermore, our cleaners learn to mix fresh organic cleaning agents for truly green cleaning from our company. This means that whenever you get our services you can be sure that we won't be introducing hazardous chemicals to your building (excepting EPA registered disinfectants that are used according to the label in proper dilution for specific risk to achieve thorough mitigation of biological threats), and our employees are kept safe from such hazards as well.


The cleaning products we use are plant-based, they do not accumulate in the body and quickly biodegrade protecting wildlife and the water supply.  Transparency is observed in our processes and we commit to listing all the products and ingredients we use before we clean your home.  And yes, we don't mind sharing all of our natural cleaning recipes with our customers. 

Below is an exclusive list of services that we offer. We understand that every space is different, but for our employees to be proficient at what we do, our company opted to limit ourselves to the items listed below rather than offer a wider array of specialized services that are not required in most buildings.


During a walkthrough of your cleaning project, Scott uses a worksheet to identify every surface and special instructions that become the basis for your written estimate. We provide a copy of the specifications detailing everything that we do and do not do with our cleanings, all upfront and in writing! With Happy, nothing is left to chance! 

Routine Janitorial Cleaning is a procedure that's separate from a deep or spring cleaning. We cannot do a deep cleaning on the spot if you are booked for routine cleaning. However, we do clean spills as we go while we are performing routine top to bottom dusting.  We account for every minute and every task to be performed by our highly trained staff. This is how we are able to offer you an accurate and fair pricepoint for your daily, weekly bi-weekly or monthly cleaning project. 




Using gentle, natural plant-based cleaning agents first and apply EPA Registered Disinfectants second pass per CDC protocol for sanitization. 

•    Top to bottom and left to the right dusting of everything
•    Vacuuming furniture, carpets, and area rugs
•    Dusting mopping hard floors
•    Damp mopping hard floors
•    Wiping exterior appliance (And interior of microwave)
•    Wiping, work stations, desks, telephones, mouses, countertops, device plates, doors, and knobs
•    Ceiling fans and light fixtures (not chandeliers)
•    Cleaning/sanitizing workspaces switch plates, doorknobs, handles, sinks, shower tubs, and toilet
•    Emptying trash containers and replace liners

•    Cleaning mirrors and inside kitchen window over the sink

•    Make the bed and move dirty linens to the laundry room if applicable (B & B's or residential cleaning when              accepted) 

•    Wash molding and sanitize
•    Wash walls
•    Window cleaning 
•    Polishing wood (natural oils only)
•    Oven cleaning (real estate move outs)
•    Refrigerator cleaning and sanitizing
•    Move-out cleaning (Including interior of drawers and cabinets)
•    Construction Clean-up


We have both first and second shift availability. As a relatively small company, we are limiting new projects for commercial offices and medical suites to interior areas fifty thousand square feet or less.  We do HEPA vacuum and mop clean hard surfaces and carpeting as a part of our Top To Bottom Left To Right Routine Cleaning Program. 


We do not presently offer hard floor mechanical scrubbing, carpet, rug, nor upholstery cleaning services.


Scott, the owner of Happy Window Cleaning has years of professional experience with Public Health, (specifically as an AIDS Educator and later as a certified and licensed Bio-remediation Contractor.  He also has a background in environmental science, as a trained Water / Wastewater Treatment Operator and has dealt with pathogens in the lab and the field for many years.  This year alone Scott has completed continuing education in virology, CDC, EPA, and OSHA compliant use of antimicrobials. 


In this time of crisis, Happy Window Cleaning is offering these extended janitorial and sanitization services exclusively in the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Normally certified remediation is performed at high price points more often than not invoiced directly to insurance companies.  However, Scott is now offering the services to his own community at a price point comparable to the low margin value proposition janitorial franchises charge for the basic top to bottom cleaning.  


We understand that these are uncertain times and we want to be a blessing to West Michigan companies, We have no desire to add to the financial burden to our neighbors at this time.  That said, it is a time when it has become critically important that we increase cleaning frequency to ensure the safety and peace of mind of your family, staff, and clientele.


Fortunately,  Scott's focus on cleaning as a value proposition has always been oriented around the ever-present need to mitigate organisms that make people sick.  In the Happy Window Cleaning Revised Operating Plan published in early March 2020, Scott adopted the long-established protocols for respiratory pathogens he had implemented in bio-remediation sites and Biosafety level 2 labs, (where pathogens have always been a clear and present danger). Those procedures align perfectly with the new guidelines the CDC, NIH and other public health agencies had only begun to revise to layman's terms as published in April and May of 2020.


Our cleaning and sanitizing procedures are second to none and they are rigorously observed by our trained staff to properly manage threats in an unprecedented risk-averse world. While our program must be financially sufficient, janitorial and sanitizing services are utterly purposed driven. This means unequivocally that this division of Happy Window Cleaning is not designed to become a scalable profit center for us. With Happy Window Cleaning, transparency is always guaranteed. That said, the Happy Window Cleaning Janitorial Division is both able and willing to maintain our new commitments, long term, at least for those relatively few clients that we are able to accommodate in the coming weeks. 


We have ample reasons to believe that the present climate of threat will transition to an envisioned new normal where the development of antivirals, similar to those presently used successfully to prohibit chronic progression of HIV, coupled with an effective well-delivered vaccine will significantly decrease the burdens our world faces today with SARS-COVID-19.  Ultimately, we continue to trust in God, that all of these things are accomplished sooner rather than later.   In the meantime, we resolve to do what we can. 

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This is how we clean:

We stand by our workmanship.

Upon request, we can give you a duly notarized Affidavit of Compliance (see sample below) which you can post in a conspicuous area in your store or office. In essence, we are attesting that when we cleaned your space, the Happy Cleaning Crew observed due diligence and complied with the procedures as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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