Lesson 4  - Customer Service

Lesson 4 -

Customer Service

Strengthening your customer service skills:



As a service-oriented business, window cleaners are expected to possess customer service skills that are beyond par. Here are some of the skills you are expected to possess:


1. Knowledge and skill - Customers rely on your knowledge and skill so be prepared to show them that you know what you're doing. Also, be prepared if they have some technical questions. If you don't know the answer, be honest. Customers will appreciate your honesty than a bluffed answer.


2. Clear communication - Say what you mean and mean what you say... but say it nicely by using authentic and positive language. Practice active listening skills.


3. Empathy - If a customer has a complaint or drops a hint of dissatisfaction, empathize with the customer. Listen and don't attempt to argue with the customer. When the customer is done talking, calmly explain your point of view. Sometimes it's not really about the solution but all the customer wants is to be heard. If you take the time to listen, then you are solving that part of the problem.


4. Patience - Some customers are having their windows cleaned for the first time and they do not know what to expect. They may have a lot of questions and it is your job to patiently answer these questions. Some customers are old, irate, or they simply talk a lot. Everyone is different, so have to be prepared in dealing with them.


5. Consistency - We are expected to provide the same level of service every time, and that is above standard. 

5. Adaptability - Every place you service is different, just as every person is different. Learn to adapt to the situation. Providing good customer service is a continuous learning process.'What's important is that you are willing to learn.


6. Be cheerful - Our company's name is not Happy for nothing. We want to spread positive vibes. 

7. Work ethic - You are expected to be professional. Don't waste the customer's time by taking long breaks, talking on the phone, smoking on the premises, etc. You want to get the job done as soon as possible so the customer can enjoy his space; at the same time, you will want to make sure that you do not compromise the quality of the service.

8. Thick skin - You should have the ability to swallow your pride and admit your mistake when warranted. Not everything a customer says is personal. Sometimes they are just upset, frustrated, or have a way with words and don't express themselves very well.


Bottomline: In all cases, confirm that your customer is satisfied. Make an effort to please the customer. 


A happy customer not only has a better view but will also likely give a good review.

Take the

Written Test Now

Take the Practical Test:


After taking the written test, take the practical test by asking someone to take a video of you applying the skills you have just learned. Make sure your video is clear. Your video can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo or shared via Google Drive. Either way, send us the link when you're ready so you can be certified as soon as possible. If you don't have a smartphone or you are unable to take the test via video, please contact us so we can schedule a personal/actual test.




 Happy customers have the best views.

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