Lesson 1  - Knowing Your Windows

Lesson 1 -

Knowing Your Windows

Types of Windows:


Awning Window - a window frame having one or more sashes hinged at the top and swinging outward.


Bay Window - an alcove of a room, projecting from an outside wall and having its own windows, especially one having its own foundations


Casement Window - a window sash opening on hinges that are generally attached to the upright side of its frame.


Double Hung Window - A window having two sashes that slide up and down


French Windows - a pair of casement windows extending to the floor and serving as portals, especially from a room to an outside porch or terrace


Gliding Window - feature two sashes, with at least one sash sliding horizontally past another


Hopper Window - a casement with a sash hinged at the bottom.


Jalousie Window - often described as a louver window, jalousie windows are overlapping horizontal panes where metal frames are installed. The panes are simultaneously opened and closed by turning a crank device.


Picture Window - a large window in a house, usually dominating the room or wall in which it is located, and often designed or placed to present an attractive view


Sash Window - a window consisting of two sashes placed one above the other so that one or each can be slid over the other to open the window


Victorian Window - have distinct features such as tall, narrow, large paned and asymmetrical grouping





Windows are typically made of aluminum, cladding, fiberglass, plastic, steel, vinyl, wood.  Aluminum is known to be sturdy and is capable of holding a large expanse of glass.  It is not a good insulator and tends to rust but modern day technology has made it possible to coat it and protect it from rust. Steel is also known to be durable. Vinyl is low-maintenance and a good insulator. Plastic is low maintenance too. Wood is versatile but it tends to rot.  Just like aluminum, it is not possible to coat a piece of wood to make it last longer.  Windows may be made using a combination of materials.  Classing is metal coating bonded onto another metal under high pressure and temperature.




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